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Zorbus is a content managment system built on top of Symfony2

Zorbus has the goal to create a content managment system on top of Symfony2 framework.

Zorbus is made of several bundles, and makes it easy to manage pages on a website through drap and drop.

All the bundles are available on GitHub and Packagist and can be used independently of Zorbus in any Symfony2 project.

At the moment, Zorbus is made of the following bundles in alphabetic order:

An article can be seen like a post in a blog, an easy way to publish categorized and tagged content.
Create banners and slideshows.
In the Zorbus perspective, a page is made up of blocks.
A document is a downloaded file that can be linked from any content published on the site.
Organize photos into albuns.
Manage glossaries and their term definitions.
Group links in a hierarchy way.
This bundle allows to create hierarchy menus.
A bundle to manage newsletters.
A page is made up of blocks, metadata and url.
Ask your users their preferences with polls.
Monitors the traffic of the website registering inbound and outbund links

All the bundles have entities (no odm support at the moment) and admin classes integrated with the SonataAdminBundle.

You can easily setup Zorbus using composer. Just create a new project using the ZorbusBootstrap repository. Follow the five configuration steps and you are ready to go.

In case you want to give it a go, test it online using zorbus as username and 1234567 as password.

Feel free to improve it and report issues.


Tags: Symfony2, cms