Tito Miguel Costa
Refactoring ideas


My name is Tito Miguel Costa, I'm from Portugal, and I'm a certified PHP developer.


Back in 2007, I graduated in Science and Computer Technology at the University of Azores.

In 2011, I completed the first year studies of Master in Multimedia at the University of Oporto.


Since my early days as a programmer, my passion has always revolved around web development. Started by using plain old PHP code embed in HTML to applying the most modern patterns and methodologies, always favouring Open Source solutions whenever possible.

After experimenting with several frameworks in the PHP world, Symfony has been my choice for the last couple of years, using packages from Zend and The League of Extraordinary Packages whenever fit for purpose.

More recently, all thanks to machine learning, my programming language of preference tends towards Python, using Flask, Django and Wagtail on my side projects.


I have developed a multitude of web applications and APIs, please take a look at some of my projects and code.


Coding is just half of the challenge. With the raise of cloud computing and serverless solutions, applications have to be designed to take advantage of the new options out there. My focus is on AWS and the vast services they offer.

To avoid surprises when releasing, the local environment should match the production one, so in my recent projects I've been using Docker and ECS, with Jenkins for CI/CD.


When I'm away from the computer, most likely I'll be doing sports, swimming and tennis being on top of my preferences.

I also like to play chess, you can meet on chess.com. You are welcome to challenge me for a game.


Feel free to contact me, share your project and ideas. Collaborations are always welcome.


Take a look at my CV on LinkedIn or download a PDF copy.